Be the change you want to see in the world

Millions of families throughout the world go hungry and are left without proper shelter and education every year.

Help us provide them with full bellies, a roof over their head, and safe places to learn.

With the power of Crypto, everything is possible.

By simply holding CROP, we will help you diversify your portfolio

CROP is the world's first multi-currency rewards token. This allows us to farm any cryptocurrency on the Binance smart chain. Buy & Hold CROP and let the teams crypto analysts build your portfolio with both top 200 cryptocurrencies & newly launched moonshots.

Our tokenomics and utility are designed for Farmer Doge to be your one-stop crypto shop & home base in your crypto investing journey. Join the family, watch your reflections in exciting cryptocurrencies grow, and share the FarmerDoge way of life.
But remember, before the reward, there must be labo
You must plant before you harvest.

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