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What is CROP?

CROP is FarmerDoge's native token.

CROP is a fully packed beast of a rewards token, unlike anything you have seen before!

Let's go over some of the key features of CROP.

10% Rewards

You heard it right!
10% rewards on CROP's Daily Volume.
This has the potential to fill your wallet with some of the best projects around!


Community driven voting

Every month the team and community come together to help find new or established projects they would love to farm. After the team has vetted the projects we hold a community vote based on your holding of CROP to help decide the next project to farm!

Diversify your portfolio

We love long term holders, so we love to bring new and exciting projects to all of our holders every month to keep your portfolio flowing with different tokens every month!

Thoroughly vetted projects

Security and rug pulls are at the forefront of everyone's mind, including our team's. We like to double triple-check all of the potential projects before we put them up for a vote. We also highly encourage communities to hold AMA's with FarmerDoge to help expand the community's knowledge of their token.

New projects every month

As much as we know and love some projects out there, we can't help diversify your portfolio by sticking to one.
So we love to switch it up every month with new and established projects.



Our tokenomics are designed with your portfolio growth in mind. Buy & Hold CROP and let our crypto analysts build your portfolio with our 10% rewards.

10,000,000,000 Total supply

Buy Tax 5%*
4% Rewards

1% Marketing and Operations
1% Liquidity

Sell Tax 15%*
10% Rewards
1% Marketing and Operations
4% Liquidity

*Subject to change

Fresh Seeds

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