Dream Team

One of the most deciding factors of a successful business venture is the team behind it.

Picking the right people to cover all relevant disciplines can be challenging.
Especially in the world of crypto, where everything is 24/7/365.

it is important to compile a diverse team, with global reach.

Therefore, the FarmerDoge team was carefully selected to cover all necessary competencies.

With members from all over the world, we have people with extensive experience in finance, crypto, networking, business, and charity.

With great pride, we would like to introduce some of our key team members.

Check back soon when we introduce more members to you.

Meet The Team


Tony Vongphachanh aka Quest
Chief Executive Officer

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A CEO is responsible for the overall operations of a business and finding the right people to manage each department.

His analytics skills and his way of reading people guided him in forming the dream team that makes out Farmer Doge.

Tony has the ability to see links and possibilities like a true professional.

With his extensive experience in networking, team building, and international business, we are proud to call him our leader.

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Ethan Shaffer
FDG Director

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A jack of all trades they would say.
Ethan joined the team back in Sept. 2021.

Ethan has a background with people, coming from customer service. 

He is behind almost everything FarmerDoge that you see. From the website, to social media, Telegram. If you've seen it, he has too.

Ethan is commited to the vision of FarmerDoge, and carries that through everything he does. One day wanting to make his own homless orginization, Ethan will continue to grow and learn here.


Chief Operations Officer

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Aaron is a dedicated member of the team, assisting with partnerships, AMA coordination, community engagement, and various behind-the-scenes magic.

Aaron joined the team back in September of 2021 and has been working hard ever since.

He is a true believer in the vision of FarmerDoge, and is committed to finding others to help make that vision a reality.

Sky face2.png

Chief Marketing Officer

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Sky is a motivated individual who had been in the Fintech company for almost 10 years.

He had
acquired the skills of being involved in starting a company from scratch and bringing it to the world stage, not to mention he had also worked with many world wide renowned companies.

Having the passion of both relationship building and marketing, he had
then decided to pursue a job as a Business Development Manager for a CEX.

Cin grey'.png

Chief Business Officer

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A licensed finance broker with 14 years of experience in Fixed Income and Credit Default Swaps specializing in US and Asian Credit Markets.

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Chief Community Officer

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A business growth manager, logistics manager, and site coordinator for 16 years in many industries.

Kev has been in crypto for 6 years and has been part of core team coordination and growth in different projects for 3 years.


Mascot / Advisory

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Bidnehh is everyone's favorite mascot. Creator of the FarmerDoge attire.

Bidnehh networks for us at expos and events. Advises with the team for future networking and marketing opportunities.

All decentralized social platforms for Farmerdoge are managed by Bidnehh as well.


The Voice of FD / Advisory

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Has been trading in defi for about 2 years and has happily become the voice for Farmerdoge.

As he is a natural and confident talker, Spencer's networking talents drive keen investors to listen and learn.
Aside from crypto, he is a sport, health, and CrossFit enthusiast.


Shima Enaga CEO / Core

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CEO of Shima Enaga and a proud partner of FarmerDoge.

Goku is a core team member and entrepreneur.

Goku's passion is Cryptocurrency and DeFi education and is set out to assist and provide safe and accurate sources of information for investors in the space


Social Media

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Benji is a core team member,  crypto enthusiast, and community admin.

Benji shares content through Telegram groups and he also manages all of the centralized social media platforms for Farmerdoge.


Senior Developer

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MilkBeard has over two decades of experience in software engineering.

He has led teams of engineers to tackle the multitude of complex issues involved in scaling the processing of large data sets.

He has been involved in crypto and working in this space as a hobby for five years.